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Movenpick Hotels & Resorts

“Following the MessageBox demo, the Mövenpick RFP team had been immediately convinced that “this is great and what we are looking for”. MessageBox is easy to use and almost a plug and play hotel deployment approach. Getmymessage met promises throughout all project phases and delivered some USP items such as a Opera Cloud interface, multilingual UI and a modern management reporting dashboard.”

Thomas Nievergelt
VP Enterprise Solutions

Movenpick Hotels & Resorts

The selection of Message Box solution was a key decision to support our initiative that we started in 2018 which was partnering with startup technology companies. This also provided us with an enterprise cloud platform to facilitate the management of the configuration, languages, service queries and reports for all hotels. Our hotels receive a simple, user-friendly tool, they can easily login and manage the guest service center requests very smoothly and efficiently which improved our customer satisfaction experience. We are glad to be the first global chain to use the system and deploy it in 19 hotels so far.

Anita Markiewicz
VP Front Office Operations

Aadesa Hotels

MessageBox helped us deliver a better service in all our hotels. We used to have problems with room requests. Specially maintenance ones. And after MessageBox we can now deliver maintance and housekeeping requests on time. It helped us increase our guest satisfaction, which is now reflected in our online reputation.

Iñaki Gonzalez Arnejo
Socio - Director Comercial & Operaciones

Minor Hotels

MessageBox is an all in one Guest request Management application. The GUI is clean and user friendly and last not but not least, you get Quick deployment and implementation

Harikumar Nair
Director Information Technology

Minor Hotels

Super easy to use and understand, great tool to help with task organization in operational departments. Uncomplicated for managing communication and delivering timely service, great for planning improvements of services and process for big and small hotels. Easy to integrate across multiple departments and functions. Reporting module provides productivity analysis, and interface is easily trainable.

Lilia Koleva
Resident Manager, Avani Atrium Bangkok

Why MessageBox? Simple. Simplicity!

The proliferation of Messaging, Competition and Shrinking Margins have forced hotels to take a more practical approach towards their apps. They need something which is extremely simple to use, helps all the staff to connect to each other on a real time basis through messaging and is affordable.

MessageBox ticks of all these boxes and helps hotels to align themselves to achieve greater Guest satisfaction through Operational Excellence.


Jobs Created


Chat Messages

How does MessageBox work? Simple. Go Live in less than an hour.

3 Step Process. Very Simple Deployment. Lite on any Hotel.
Start using the application immediately.

30 Second Deployment

Enter basic details and create your own new sub-domain in less than 30 seconds.

Create Users & Rooms

Once you create your own domain, the next step is to create your users and Room numbers.

10 Minute Self-Training

The application is intuitive enough to understand and capable of being self taught. Saves Training times.

Everything on the Mobile

Hoteliers don’t have time. Less Staff. In this environment, having the ability to communicate AND manage the hotel at the same time from a single interface is an absolute necessity.

And it has to be SIMPLE.

Create. Assign. Accept. Park. Unpark. Complete. Schedule. Close. View Guest Information. Private Chats. Group Chat. Job related Chat. MessageBox!

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Clients love Simple Applications

Covering all tiers of hotels with the right package for the right budget with a plug and play model