Messagebox- Make it Simple!


Your Hotel in your Pocket

Guest Requests. Guest Complaints. Guest Info. Internal Tasks. Team Chats. All on the mobile.
Introducing MessageBox for Hotels.


Your Desk is Your Mobile

We made sure that all key functions and data that’s available in your desktop is out there with you in the lobby.

All organized in self explanatory formats.


& Your Desktop is Simplified

Not having the need to traverse through multiple windows and screens. Now that’s the dream.

And we got it built for you. Create, Assign, Accept , Compete and Track guest requests all in one simple desktop screen.


You've got

Everyone knows how to chat. MessageBox is first to market with its chat system that's built into every guest request. One-to-One chats. Group Chats. Request Chats. We’ve got it all.

Over 20,000,000 chats sent globally.
We are the WhatsApp for Hotels.
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& You've got
Guest Chats

Your guests can connect to your agents from their favourite social platforms. They can even create requests and orders from these platforms as well.

WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Messenger, Viber, LineChat. We've got it all.
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Training- Got 10 minutes?

Our simplicity in application design and our online deployments allows your staff to be equipped and ready in a very short time. How much time? Weeks? Days? Hours?

Minutes. 10 Minutes.

We've got some BIG names

And they've got GOOD news


All you need.

Engineering Module. Housekeeping Module. First to Market HR Module. First to Market Snagging module. We’ve got the whole package. Find out more about why your departments can take a breather with MessageBox.
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