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Leverage our mobile checklists and checklist templates.
Make temporary closures more organized, systematic and documented.

MessageBox. Here to serve you at your time of need.

A Library of Resources

  • Disinfection and Sanitation Checklists

    MessageBox allows you to manage all Guest Requests and Hotel Internal Tasks to ensure the highest level of Guest Satisfaction.

  • Room and Hotel Closure Checklists

    Temporarily closing a room? Do not waste anytime. Use our ready made templates to ensure that all necassary items are checked and accounted for.

  • Social Media Checklists

    Its critical letting the public know the current state of operations in the best way possible. Use this template to ensure that you have not missed out on any key validations in your messages and posts.

Track Recovery Tasks

Track all your COVID related jobs easily from a user-friendly dashboard. Escalations can be put in place to ensure timely completion. Periodical jobs can also be scheduled which become active on respective date and time set by you.

Checklists on Mobile

Get rid of your clipboard and bring all essential checklists onto the mobile. Staff can now take care of extensive checklists by simply tapping on the screen and while on the move in the property.

Download Recovery Reports

Get instant reports from the click of a button. Our reports show you all details, comments and images pertaining to the checklist that was completed. Reports are maintained in your systems which removes the need to document or store them for later reference.