MessageBox Guest Chats

End with Happy Guests

Guest Services at the tap of a button.

Your Guests can request for services and access key information all from their mobile in a beautiful interface without the intervention of a hotel agent.

MessageBox Guest Chats

Elevate the Guest Experience.

Your guests can now experience your hotel services on a beautiful interface that is yours to customize.

MessageBox Guest Chats

One Dashboard.

No matter what the social app, all is managed through one screen.
Manage Requests
Create guest requests and manage them on the same dashboard so that nothing ever goes missed thereby keeping your guests happy.
Conversation Tagging
Tag conversations to respective categories to allow you understand better what are the topics of conversation that take place over a month.
Employee Chats and Groups
That's right. It's not just guests, using our platform you can talk to any one of your team mates to handle incoming conversation in the best possible way.
Department Transfers
Your agents can transfer conversations to any other department or agent in your team allowing you to have specialized agents to handle respective requests from the guest.
Variety of reports to allow you to clearly understand more about your guests and as well your team to better the overall experience.