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Get everything you need and more from chats...

Direct Chats
Basic. All incoming guests can chat with your agents regardless of the platform that they come from with ease and without delay.

Custom Menus
Provide custom menus to your guests once they are connected to allow them to choose from your services without any intervention from any agent.

Custom Greetings
First Impressions. Make it a good one by providing a customized greeting to all your incoming guests regardless of the platform that they choose.

Any request that is requested for by the guest is automatically acknowledged with system chats which lets them know that your team is on the job.

Connect to Departments
Guest can choose the department that they want to get connected, allowing them to talk the right people in an instant without the need for multiple forwarding between agents.

Feature Rich.

You won't find them anywhere else..

With a globally trusted Google Translate Engine integrated, you dont have to worry about handling guests no matter which country they come from.
Manage Requests
Create guest requests and manage them on the same dashboard so that nothing ever goes missed thereby keeping your guests happy.
Template Responses
Responses can be stored as a template so that you dont have to type the same sentence over and over again.
Conversation Tagging
Tag conversations to respective categories to allow you understand better what are the topics of conversation that take place over a month.
Employee Chats and Groups
That's right. It's not just guests, using our platform you can talk to any one of your team mates to handle incoming conversation in the best possible way.
Department Transfers
Your agents can transfer conversations to any other department or agent in your team allowing you to have specialized agents to handle respective requests from the guest.
Bot Interactions
Get a BOT involved to handle recurring requests of your guests without the need to connect to any Agent. Easy for the guest. Easy for you.
Variety of reports to allow you to clearly understand more about your guests and as well your team to better the overall experience.