Using WhatsApp to manage your Hotel Operations? - The MessageBox Solution Part II

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June 6, 2021
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After reading Part 1 of Guest Request Management through WhatsApp, you should now understand how business users adopted this application from their personal lives to their professional lives.

Imagine having the convenience and the ability to connect with practically anyone on a single social network. If you have a mobile number, it is more or less practically certain that you are also on WhatsApp. That is an extremely powerful motivator for any person to use WhatsApp as their primary communication medium.

And when you extend the same powerful medium to manage tasks, however inconvenient it might be, the stickiness of WhatsApp extends to Request Management also. As an app developer in the request management space, WhatsApp is a formidable competitor, to put it very mildly.

Request Management in WhatsApp – The MessageBox Innovation

So how do you deal with someone who is completely out of your league. Be smart about it.

When you can't beat it, join it.

We built a request management solution around WhatsApp or for that matter, any social messaging app!

MessageBox-Whatsapp Integration

We leveraged the keyboard.

We created our own Request Management Keyboard.

Voila, you now have the ability to manage all your tasks from within WhatsApp.

    How does the MessageBox Request Management Keyboard work?

  • Use the MessageBox Desktop Keyboard to create requests.
  • All requests communication are automatically sent on WhatsApp (WhatsApp for Web) – the best communication tool in the world.
  • Users on the mobile download the MessageBox Keyboard app.
  • Activate the MessageBox keyboard to use with WhatsApp.
  • Now you can create, accept, complete, park, reassign and view requests without having to leave WhatsApp on the Mobile.
  • Again, WhatsApp is the communication channel for all the request management events on the mobile.
  • For a more sophisticated request management tool, users can always use the main MessageBox app seamlessly on the same mobile.

...And, we patented the process with the US Patent Office.

Sounds cool?

Join us on the MessageBox journey: