MessageBox Engineering

Introducing the FIRST completely chat based Engineering Management solution at a very affordable subscription price. For Hotels, Hospitals and Facility Management Companies.

Work Orders on the go

Create Work Orders on the go from our mobile app. Assign from the app. Accept, Complete and Close Work Orders from the app.

Chat based

Everything is chat based. A message is generated for every event. Users can chat on every job. Private & Group Chats.


New jobs, Update, Close, reopen, conversations – all in real time. GPS tracking is also enabled in MessageBox Engineering.

Drag & Drop PM Scheduling

View all your Preventive Maintenances on a Calendar - Monthly, Weekly and Daily. Schedule your PM's by dragging and dropping.

Checklists on the mobile

No more paper. All your PM checklists from the mobile. Capture Images. Download PDF reports of completed tasklists alongwith images.

Readings on the mobile

No more paper readings and managing complex excel sheets. Record all readings on your mobiles. Trigger alerts based on readings.

Manage all your Readings from your mobile

Enter Readings directly from your mobile. No more paper. View Trend charts of Readings and Costs. MessageBox Engineering.

All the essentials for your Engineering Department

Extremely simple to use
Only features you need
Completely chat based
Paperless - All on Mobile
Cloud based - No Local IT
Scheduled Reports

PM Scheduling

Preventive Maintenances is extremely simple in MessageBox. Upload your PM. Create PM Assets automatically. PM's listed down in a Calendar View - Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

Drag and drop your PM's between days depending on your staff availability. All your active PM's tracked on the mobile app. Update Expenses and Work done each PM.

PM Checklists

All your Preventive Maintenance checklists on your mobile. Each PM Checklist is tagged directly to the PM Work Order and require to be completed alongwith each job.

PM work orders cannot be completed until the checklist is done and uploaded. Attach images to each PM checklist. Download reports of every checklist completed.

Work Orders

Work Orders are all on the mobile. No Paper. Create a work order on the mobile. Attach images to each work order. Assign directly from the mobile.

Accept, Complete and Close jobs directly from the mobile. Generate Work Order Reports. A Complete Mobile based work order solution.