MessageBox PREMIUM

A Full Fledged Guest Request Management application for any upper tier hotel. All the features you need but with the same simple user interface.


Reporting Module including auto-scheduling of Morning Briefing Reports and querying on any possible information like Room History.

Service Types & Escalations

Map all service requests to minimum standards with escalations for non-compliance. Ability to send up to 5 levels of escalations.


A Complaints module which allows you to monitor complaints seperately including auto-scheduling the Duty Manager Log Book.

Emergency Broadcasts

In these times of heightened security, the emergency broadcast module allows you to instantly send broadcasts via app/SMS.

Unlimited Users/Profiles

Create any number of users against any user profile - Agent, Runner, Supervisor, Dual or Security Admin.

Clearcom Opera Interface

No seperate Opera Interface costs when you use the Clearcom Call Accounting Interface reducing your interface costs.

Auto Scheduled Reports


All requests in MessageBox is time based. There are 2 types of escalations in messagebox. The first type of escalation is an overdue message. Once a request becomes overdue, a overdue message is sent to all the Supervisors of that function informing them of the overdue status. Overdue messages go only as in-app notifications.

Beyond this, it is possible to define upto 5 levels of escalation which get triggered at a pre-determined interval set by the user. These escalations go as in-app notifications as well as by emails to the users.

Service Types

MessageBox comes pre-configured with 500+ service types. So no need to define your service types and waste time. You can start using these instantly.

If there is a need to add a new service type, edit an existing service type or delete an existing service type - you can do that also. This allows a hotel to fine tune the serice types as they use the application.


Track your complaints seperately. Get instant notifications of a complaint being raised. Tag only pre-defined staff to review and close complaints. Each can contribute to closing the complaint. Think of each complaint being a group communication of these defined individuals.

Update Recovery type, cost and resolution details for each complaint. Receive Resolution report automatically on every complaint. Get the Duty Manager's log book auto-scheduled every day in the morning. No more manual recording of the log book.

Auto Assignments

Every runner has the option to check-in to any service area of the hotel, multiple service areas of the hotel or the whole hotel. This feature is available directly from the mobile app. Once the runner checks in to a service area, then any job created in that service area will be auto-assigned to the user.

If you have a big team, and dont want to rely on individual check-in, roster check-in on a bulk basis is also available for big teams.


With so many different PMS's being used by different hotels, we also interface with a variety of PMS. With Opera, we interface using the Clearcom interface which allows hotels to have savings in interface costs. Clearcom acts as a powerful Call accounting application with MessageBox being a connected application to this device. Clearcom can be implemented with either cost savings or same cost in case of replacements of existing CAS AND no additonal interface costs for MessageBox.

MessageBox also has the ability of connecting to 30+ PMS using the Control Lodging Link inteface. We can also develop interfaces for the ones not listed above.