MessageBox PREMIUM

Introducing the FIRST completely chat based, Job Scheduling & Management solution for hotels at a very affordable subscription price. All the features you need but with the same simple user interface.


Everything in Messagebox is in form of a chat. Always online & realtime.

Guest Requests

Create Guest requests from the mobile or on our Cloud based app.


Manage all jobs from your mobile. Create. Assign. Accept. Close.

Guest Complaints

Resolve from mobile. Schedule Reports & Duty Manager Log by mail.

Pre-opening Snagging

Cut your Snagging time by 30-40% in your pre-opening property.


Upload planned maintenances. Work Orders. PM Scheduling on Calendar.


Create Checklists. Assign to jobs. Complete on mobile. Reports.

Standards & Escalations

Set and Monitor Service Standards. Escalate pending jobs.



Reporting Module including auto-scheduling of Morning Briefing Reports and querying on any possible information like Room History.

Service Types & Escalations

Map all service requests to minimum standards with escalations for non-compliance. Ability to send up to 5 levels of escalations.


A Complaints module which allows you to monitor complaints seperately including auto-scheduling the Duty Manager Log Book.

Emergency Broadcasts

In these times of heightened security, the emergency broadcast module allows you to instantly send broadcasts via app/SMS.

Unlimited Users/Profiles

Create any number of users against any user profile - Agent, Runner, Supervisor, Dual or Security Admin.


Seeing future requests in a calendar and moving around appointments through drag & drop is a great way to plan your resources.

Auto Scheduled Reports


Everything in MessageBox is chat based. Jobs come as chats. A message is generated for every event. Users can chat on every job. Private Chats. Group Chats. Open up a job on the mobile and it looks just like messaging. See all job events. Collaborate on each job. Just think of each job as a seperate group chat conversation.

Do everything from the desktop. Do everything from the mobile. Manage all your jobs effectively. Get overdue notifications on all pending jobs.

Service Types

MessageBox comes pre-configured with 500+ service types. So no need to define your service types and waste time. You can start using these instantly.

If there is a need to add a new service type, edit an existing service type or delete an existing service type - you can do that also. This allows a hotel to fine tune the serice types as they use the application.


Track your complaints seperately. Get instant notifications of a complaint being raised. Tag only pre-defined staff to review and close complaints. Each can contribute to closing the complaint. Think of each complaint being a group communication of these defined individuals.

Update Recovery type, cost and resolution details for each complaint. Receive Resolution report automatically on every complaint. Get the Duty Manager's log book auto-scheduled every day in the morning. No more manual recording of the log book.


In addition to creating jobs which are due immediately, MessageBox LITE allows users to create scheduled jobs, edit those jobs and cancel jobs when so advised by the Guest.

The ability to visually see all the future appointments is a great way to plan your resources and time. MessageBox LITE offers daily, weekly and monthly views of all scheduled requests.