Why MessageBox

Why MessageBox?
Simple. Message based. Affordable.

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We believe in making it simple.
Helping you to do your tasks more efficiently and
providing guests a more satisfying and enriched stay experience.

FIRST Completely Chat based app

WhatsApp. iMessage. Telegram. Line Chat. SMS. WeChat. The list goes on. This is what most hotels are currently using to manage tasks.

The underlying reason for this is two-fold: The need to be always connected with other members of the team and to share information with each other. This is imperative in managing hotel operations and is a critical component of MesssageBox, making it the first completely chat based application in hospitality.

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Simple. Simple. And more simple.

Having lots and lots of features does not always work for you. Every feature, every button, every menu item increases training challenges substantially.

We are not in the Features Race. We focus into what is really required. We try to reduce the number of buttons. And consequently make the application simple. Any user should be able to use the application in 10 minutes. Thats the objective of MessageBox. Reducing training challenges to the minimum.

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Affordable. Something for every budget

We believe that every hotel deserves a tool and their budget should not hamper them from owning one.

Our feature rich MessageBox Standard, Deluxe and Premium features having pricing packages to match the budget and the complexity requirements of a 4 or a 5 star hotel. However, if you are a 3 star hotel or below or dont have any budgets, dont worry. Please wait for our MessageBox LITE version of our application which will not impact your pockets at all.

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Don’t have a budget?

If you are a small boutique hotel and don’t have the budgets to manage your hotel, click on the sign up button for custom pricing.